Camden Key Switches – Installation Picture Perfect

Access control is one of the major requirements of commercial build projects. Meeting essentials of state of the art electronic access control becomes very necessary. Camden Door Controls, the ISO 9001:2008 Company offers premium Camden Key Switches to add finest user control for security. However, it is very essential to incorporate these switches as directed for maximum performance, stability, and longevity.

Camden Key Switches

Camden CM-1130

Camden Key switches are suitable for virtually all types of cams in addition to all 1″, 1-1/8″ and 1-1/4″ mortise cylinders. At times, two switches are required for maintained/momentary alternating on/off.

Camden Key Switches


  • Camden Key Switches are designed to fit in either left or right hole in the rear of the faceplate. It is necessary to thread spacer ring or octagonal nut on the switch stem right before mounting the switch in the faceplate hole.
  • Push the switch up from the bottom of the hole. Use round threaded washer to secure the switch to the faceplate. It should be secured from the top.
  • Align mortise cylinder side grooves with retainers on the faceplate. Mortise cylinder fits through the front of the faceplate. Proper alignment is necessary for exact fit.
  • Push the cylinder firmly and it snap fits on the faceplate if you have aligned well. Use a file to fine tune the faceplate slot in some cases when retainers do not match with the grooves on the cylinder. However, do not exert undue pressure while filing as it may create more room than required. Filing retainers off prevents the cylinder spin in the faceplate making it worthless.
  • Use cylinder lock ring made of brass to secure the cylinder onto the faceplate.
  • Now turn the key, cam must engage squarely at the top of the switch. Make minor adjustments for a perfect fit. At times, the cam rests on the switch; however, it is not a problem unless it obstructs. You can try adjusting the octagon nut for superior fit. Camden provides additional spacers with the switch. You can use them as necessary.
  • Connect electrical connections to Camden Key Switch and fix the unit to switch box, receptacle box, or wall. Use stainless steel or tamperproof Phillips screws to secure the switch.
  • Using weatherproof gasket behind Camden Key Switch is highly recommended during outdoor installations.


Wiring and Electricals

Wiring Camden Key Switches is easy. It uses

  • Blue or Green for Normally Open (NO)
  • Grey or Black for Common
  • Orange for Normally Closed (NO)

All switch contacts are rated 6 amps @ 12 / 24 / 30 V AC. SPDT/DPDT switches come with dual (NO) and (NC) contacts. Alternately, SPST switches come with either (NO) or (NC) contacts.

Camden offers optional LEDs for excellent monitoring interface. LEDs are connected in various combinations using the following wiring diagram.

Camden Key Switches

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