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Kant-Slam Door Check Company is a premier name associated with the excellent control of door and gate opening. The best part of integrating Kant-Slam solutions is they offer superbly silent closing of doors. Slamming of the door becomes a history when Kant-Slam solutions work the wonders for you. Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers are superbly compatible with all self-closing doors. These state of the art door-closing solutions are ideally suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. With a superb capability to handle up to 150 pounds of door weight, Kant-Slam offers a precise fit just the way you deserve.

Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers

Kant-Slam Gate Closers come with designing magnificence and meet the most demanding industry standards of quality and performance. Powder-coated stainless steel construction offers excellent strength as well as durability. Kant-Slam products are designed superbly with a precise customer-centric focus. Therefore, they always serve up to the mark. Inexpensive, reliable, and easily installable Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers are a wonderful choice for you when the perfection of the form and the function as well as peace of mind matter the most to you. Improved operating efficiency and low maintenance of Kant-Slam gate closers make them the best choice for silent gate closing for years to come.


Kant-Slam Gate Closer

Kant-Slam Gate Closer is a premium solution designed to transform the way you have been handling doors and gates. The product is made of stainless steel and it has powder coating for extensive longevity. Installing the gate closer is easy and it is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor installations. The superb Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers come with a closing speed regulation mechanism. This self-contained unit even protects the gate from pressure as well as slamming. Installation flexibility of the unit permits seamless integration in virtually every type of the gate. Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers are designed for superior suitability with doors and gates of 150 pounds weight. Designing perfection, superior adaptability, longevity, and inexpensive availability of Kant-Slam products assures to deliver satisfying performance and of course, the peace of mind, you deserve.


Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers

Kant-Slam Hydraulic Door Closers are a superb solution for indoor as well as outdoor applications where rough and abusive use of gates and doors are common. Super silent closing by the closers offer peace of mind you deserve and freedom from hissing sounds and slams. Kant-Slam indeed is a one-stop shop when you need the best the industry has to offer.

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