McKinney Hinges Maintenance and Care

Preserving the sanctity of the performance and finish of McKinney Hinges is quite easy. These silent yet seamless companion of door opening do not need extensive care and maintenance, however, you need to take care of some vital essentials for their amazing performance year after year. McKinney hinges meet applicable ANSI and Federal specifications. Here are a few handy tips that help hinges work flawlessly and door swinging seamlessly.

McKinney Hinges

McKinney CS1 Spring Butt Hinge

Use Shims When Necessary

Precise alignment of hinges keeps them fit and running. Always ascertain that McKinney Hinges are free swinging. Binding in the swing often is one of the reasons why hinges underperform. Use of shims is highly recommended especially when aligning hinge to prevent binding is necessary. A smart tip to assure flawless performance is

  • Remove the hinge and reinstall correctly
  • Readjust alignment for proper functioning
  • Lubricate moving parts using grease
  • Use shims when necessary to balance the odds of misalignment
McKinney Hinges

McKinney 1001 Spring Hinge

Lubrication – The Spice of Smoothness

Lubrication is indeed the spice of the smooth performance. McKinney Hinges come pre-lubricated from the factory. However, it is strongly recommended to lubricate hinges annually when installed in

  • Commercial build projects
  • High traffic scenarios
  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Healthcare facilities and hospitals
  • High frequency applications

Lubricating McKinney Hinges is far simpler than expected. The process is easy. Remove the pin from the hinge and apply lithium grease. You can apply it generously. When done, simply reinsert the pin back in its place up to the shoulder of pinhead. That is all about the lubrication McKinney hinges may require every year provided they undergo severe use.

McKinney Hinges

McKinney TA2395 Residential Grade Hinge

Keep Them Sparkling Forever

Keeping McKinney Hinges sparkling forever in fact also helps in improving the performance as it prevents exposure to dust and dirt. Here is how you keep them shining

  • Use soft damp cloth to wipe them clean
  • Use of lacquer thinners or abrasive cleaners is strongly not recommended
  • This may void product warranty too

That is all about keeping the clean. These rugged door-opening solutions do not require frequent maintenance and care.

McKinney Hinges

McKinney FM300 Continuous Hinge

Some Handy Tips to Keep Them Going On and On

McKinney Hinges come with specifications of door weight, frequency of use, and door size. Moreover, adhering to these specifications offers freedom for maintenance for a considerable period. Here are a few handy tips to keep them going on and on forever

  • Check hinge screws periodically and tighten when necessary
  • Use steel hinges indoors as they are intended for
  • Stainless steel and brass hinges are equally suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use
  • McKinney offers hinges with a clear lacquer coat for protection from atmospheric conditions; therefore, exerting care while installing the hinge is necessary to avoid any damage to the coat
  • Annual lubrication in highly demanding user environments keep hinges in a perfect shape.

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