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Hudson Lock LLC is Hudson, MA based manufacturer of the finest locksmith tools, solutions, and key blanks. It is proactive in providing Cam Locks, Key Blanks, Postal Locks, Desk Locks, File Cabinet Locks, Specialty Locks, Hide-A-Key, Key Machines, Tools & Hardware, Krafty Keys, and Padlocks. Hudson Lock Tools offered, as Wafer Keying Kit and HERCULITE Glass Door Lock indeed are a superb choice of locksmith professionals. Enjoying flawless control with Hudson lock products is amazing. Competitive products with operational excellence and the highest quality are a few identifiers of Hudson Lock LLC.

Hudson Lock Tools

Hudson Lock has been pioneering new trends in the industry and the Krafty-keys are a proof of it. Hudson Lock Tools are also a reliable resource for locksmith professionals and architectural builders and contractors to enjoy a cutting edge advantage. Moreover, these tools are designed to the perfection of the form and the function. Amazing versatility offered by these tools makes them a remarkable value addition. Hudson Locks is engaged in providing state of the art OEM solutions. Springs and Wafer Tumblers from the Wafer Keying Kit offer a reliable resource to add uncompromising quality and operational control.


Hudson WAFER KIT Wafer Keying Kit

Hudson Lock Tools


Hudson WAFER KIT Wafer Keying Kit is a superb no-nonsense solution for locksmith professionals. The kit comes with necessary components like springs and wafer tumblers. In fact, Hudson Lock eliminates several unnecessary components to provide a perfect match to various keying applications. This thoughtfully designed kit offers a clean and professional experience with the fullest functional control. The kit from the Hudson Lock Tools collection comes with a spill-proof design and graphics for enhanced accessibility. Get the best combination of tumblers, springs, and wafer cams under one roof with Hudson Lock and its amazing tools.


Hudson HERCULITE Glass Door Lock

Hudson Lock Tools


Hudson HERCULITE Glass Door Lock is a classic solution designed to meet contemporary access control requirements. The lock fits in rails on the Herculite glass doors. Hudson Lock offers seamless compatibility with Keyless Lock Store. However, it is supplied without a mortise lock. This state of the art product from the Hudson Lock Tools collection is a premium replacement option for Hudson glass door locks and Russwin locks. Preserving the quality of access control of commercial glass doors is simple when Hudson Lock products integrate in it. This made of brass lock comes with 9/16″ bolt throw and 1″ backset. It is supplied with mounting brackets.


Hudson Lock Tools

Hudson Lock LLC offers exceptional functional control of the essentials and helps locksmith professionals to deal with various challenges. Amazing performance of Hudson Lock Tools makes them a class apart and the most reliable companion when you need it the most. Count on Hudson Lock when you need to settle with nothing less than the best.

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